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RapidSOS Emergency API Suite

Powerful emergency solutions for your device or app

Enhance user safety and security by integrating your technology directly with emergency services. The Emergency API Suite securely relays data from your users to 9-1-1 and first responders during incidents.

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Send Life-Saving Information Directly to Emergency Services

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“We have been talking to our drivers and riders about what matters to them in terms of safety, and overwhelmingly they talked about emergency response as something they really wanted in the app.”

- Nirveek De, Safety Products Lead, Uber

Turn Your Product into a Life-Saving Emergency Service

Real-time data from connected devices and applications can save lives during emergencies. We’ve developed a solution in partnership with thousands of public safety agencies to make user and device data available to authorities. Over 4,500 agencies nationwide receive data from hundreds of millions of devices through RapidSOS, saving lives every day.

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“With RapidSOS, information is available instantly. Emergency data is transmitted at the same time a call to 911 is made, and we're able to get the data immediately.”

-Todd Austin, Officer in Charge of Communications, Los Angeles Police Department
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Industry Solutions

Creating the Internet of Life-Saving Things

Demographic and situational data from a variety of connected devices in the hands of first responders can positively impact emergency outcomes. We work with mobile app, wearable, smart home, and connected car companies to send information to local authorities during emergencies, providing a lifeline to users during difficult moments.

Let’s Transform User Safety and Security

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Improve emergency outcomes with rich data

Expedite the emergency alert process

Expedite the emergency response process


Simplify emergency connectivity with a digital integration