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Integrate Your Connected Car Platform With Emergency Services

Send real-time vehicle crash information to first responders during emergencies to improve outcomes and offer passengers a direct lifeline to emergency services.

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Keep Drivers Safe on the Road

vehicle access

Ensure crash data gets to dispatch

Share crash and car data directly to 9-1-1’s screens the moment help is called.


Speed up emergency response

Get responders on scene faster by providing rich situational data directly to dispatchers.

Faster Roadside Assistance

Equip first responders with more data

Show first responders what they’re getting into before they arrive on scene.

How It Works

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Connected car systems detect a collision and record real time vehicle data.
02 Clearinghouse B
Data is sent directly to 9-1-1 or a trusted monitoring partner through RapidSOS
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Incident data immediately arrives on 9-1-1 center screens.

A Powerful Digital Connection to Emergency Services

A suite of APIs and monitoring solutions power customized emergency response for any connected device. Connect your devices to 9-1-1 with RapidSOS – the only emergency response platform directly linked into every major public safety software system.


“We’re teaming up with RapidSOS on our 911 integration with local emergency authorities. If a rider [or driver] uses Uber’s emergency button in one of our active cities, their location and trip details will be automatically sent to the 911 dispatcher.”

- Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber CEO
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Find out how Uber protects their riders and drivers with RapidSOS

Uber partnered with RapidSOS to power its emergency button, sending location, profile, and car make and model data directly to 9-1-1 during emergencies.

Let’s Transform User Safety and Security

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Improve emergency outcomes with rich data

Expedite the emergency alert process

Expedite the emergency response process


Simplify emergency connectivity with a digital integration